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Canada Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting News Offers the Lowest Priced Canada Domain Names, Provides Elite Web Hosting Solutions
This specialization has now made us a premier domain names Canada registration and web hosting provider. We are now offering .ca domain names at guaranteed lowest prices. Many companies have appreciated our professionalism and often commended our services.

Top-Level Domain & Other Restrictions for International SEO
Selecting a domain for your website is like deciding a name for your baby. Everyone wants the best name ... or territory such as “.us” for the United States and “.ca” for Canada. gTLD, or generic top-level domain, is also a top-level domain but ...

GoDaddy Inc (GDDY) IPO: World’s Largest Web Registration Provider Begins Trading On NYSE, IPO Could Value Company At Over $3B
the company helps individuals and businesses set up Internet domains and offers website building, hosting ... CEO of the domain registry company XYZ. Around 26 percent of GoDaddy's customers are located in international markets, notably Canada, India ...

GoDaddy is 18 years old, unprofitable, has a mountain of debt, and is now going public
In 2005, it aired its first Super Bowl commercial, which it credits as making the company the world's largest domain name registrar. In addition to domain name registration, GDDY also offers web design service, hosting, and security tools to help customers ...

GoDaddy and Google expel Daily Stormer over victim smear
A notorious US neo-Nazi website is being forced to switch domain name providers for a second time in a day ... "We are cancelling Daily Stormer's registration with Google Domains for violating our terms of service." Shortly after GoDaddy's initial ...

Registrar Namecheap let miscreants slap spam, malware on unlucky customers' web domains
Namecheap customer Kirk McElhearn found this out to his cost when he received an alert from Google that three subdomains on his website were serving out spammy content and/or malicious software. This was news to him since his hosting administration tool ...

New Wild West of Domain Names Includes Everything from .beer to .bmw
She has her own Heather Parker Photography website ... one with rights to use the name in the U.S. and Canada and the other with rights in the rest of the world, are fighting in court over the .merck domain. Another: A UK company called has ...

Ecommerce Software and Platform Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities by 2026
Hosted means the company will host client's store, while self-hosted means the company will provide the client a software and the client needs to get their own Web hosting. Hosted ecommerce software or solution provides domain name registration and all ...

Google 'testing' domain name service
Google has unveiled plans for its own domain name registration service. The firm is "testing" a ... However, he said that Google had mostly used that service internally "to fight web spam and to help provide cleaner search results". "Now it is leveraging ...

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