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Cyber squatters target UK bank domains
Research by threat intelligence specialist DomainTools has uncovered over 300 registered domains using the names of five of the UK's top high street ... at an average of £12 per year per domain, this is a relatively cheap insurance policy."

Registrar Namecheap let miscreants slap spam, malware on unlucky customers' web domains
"If you get a lot of traffic, the bogus pages set up on the sub-domain may inherit some of your website's prominence, allowing malicious users to serve spam or malware, or to make money by displaying Google ads," McElhearn explained. "Interestingly ...

EXCLUSIVE: The FAKE ski chalet websites scamming unwitting customers out of tens of thousands of pounds (and how to make sure YOU don't become a victim)
It has high-definition photographs, a UK-based landline for customers ... One of its chalets is also being offered on the cheap by yet another scam website - This one doesn't change the chalet names but instead seems to rely ...

New web domain names 'mean big business'
He has invested plenty of his own money in an ambitious attempt to secure his own top-level domain, which he hopes will be seen as a welcome alternative to a .com suffix. The process was not cheap by ... which is the name of the managing ...

This is the most expensive domain name sold this year. Can you guess what it is?
The conservative answer we got from a domain expert is £500,000 ($770,000). Good revenge doesn’t come cheap. 1. $8,888,888 2 ... Fact is, if you didn’t buy a cool domain name/something sex/porn related in the 90s when they were about ...

Hackers using 'cybersquatting' tactics to spoof websites of UK's biggest banks, standardchartered ... for fraudulent domain name registrations and defensively register their own typo variants. It is better to lock down typo domains than to leave them available to someone else. This is a relatively cheap insurance policy."

Forget .com: Get ready for .google and .apple
One year later, ICANN unveiled 1,930 proposals for new domain names. Those applications weren't cheap: ICANN charges $185,000 per proposal ... not including "country codes" like .ca or .uk. Related story: Google wants .lol An expensive and long process ...

'Accidental hero' triggers 'kill switch' to halt spread of ransomware behind NHS cyber attack
A 22-year-old UK ... name made up of a series of apparently random letters in the malware code and purchased the site, not realising at the time that the move would stop the virus. Purchase of the domain reportedly cost $10.69 (£8.30), marking a ...

Rwanda: The Story of Internet - One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward
This local routing is supposed to be cheap and very fast ... told that our internet nirvana will happen any time now. Domain names frequently used in Rwanda are based on top domains .com,, .org,, .rw. Their prices range from $35 for .com ...

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