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Verisign Q3 2018 Domain Name Industry Brief: Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domains in Q3 of 2018
For more domain stats from the third quarter of 2018, check out the latest issue of the Domain ... Top-Level Domain zone file plus the number of domain names that are in a client or server hold status ...

How Domain Name Servers Work
Whether you're accessing a Web site or sending e-mail, your computer uses a DNS server to look up the domain name you're trying to access. The proper term for this process is DNS name resolution, and ...

Understanding Kerberos Delegation in Windows Server Active Directory
But constrained delegation is difficult to implement because it relies on Service Principal Names (SPNs ... be running Windows Server 2012 or later. You should check that unconstrained delegation isn’ ...

How to install SSL on ServerPilot
Now, you should check whether your SSL has been installed successfully or not. There is an online tool called SSL Checker. You can visit the website and enter your domain name. You should ... On Rewri...

Reverse DNS
Internet names are those ... reverse DNS lookup. Here is an example of using `nslookup` to do a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address Reverse DNS is setup by configuring PTR records (P...

Unofficial project uses MusicKit to create an Apple Music web player
The developer is inviting suggestions for a new domain name in a Reddit thread. You’ll also soon be able to play Apple Music natively through Amazon Echo speakers – check out our how-to guide.

What are the implications of DNS over HTTPS for privacy?
After Mozilla announced a test of the DNS over HTTPS protocol to encrypt domain name server traffic, some critics were concerned about the privacy implications. What are the privacy implications of DN...

The digital privacy tools you need to be using now
And because your searches on can reveal so much about you, you should ditch it for DuckDuckGo, the privacy-centric search ... server address on an iPhone to and backup server 1.0.0. ...

How to Perform a DNS Lookup
DNS Lookup is generally a process of digging out this related information for a specified domain name. This set of information could include pieces like domain availability, IP addresses, name servers ...

Use PowerShell for help with DNS server management
For admins who use the domain name system management console regularly, PowerShell provides a better way to complete maintenance tasks. With PowerShell, an admin can not only perform DNS server manage...

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