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How to use domain names for marketing
You could register the actual address (e.g ... that may arise between your commercial and residential clients. Need inspiration? Try a domain name suggestion service like NameStudio™. Quick and easy to use, NameStudio helps you brainstorm with ease ...

Domain Name Registrars Ask ICANN for a "Moratorium" on Its New GDPR Policy
"Domain name sellers rub ICANN's face in sticky mess of Europe's GDPR," Kieren McCarthy reporting in The Register. "Internet domain-name ... it finally approved a 'temporary' policy for the Whois service to bring it into compliance with new European ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ensure that people can register domain names without having to worry about being exposed. “Njalla is needed because we’re going the wrong way in society regarding people’s right ...

Domain name sellers rub ICANN's face in sticky mess of Europe's GDPR
I got 257 problems, and they're all open source: Report shines light on Wild West of software Internet domain ... service to bring it into compliance with new European privacy legislation – GDPR – registrars representing roughly a quarter of all domain ...

Brexit and GDPR spell uncertainty for domain names
Proposals put forward by WHOIS service providers for GDPR compliance ... that UK based companies and citizens will no longer be entitled to register or renew .EU domain names, following Brexit. .EU domains held in the UK could be revoked, without any ...

Unintended Consequences of GDPR Threaten Blockchain, Domain Name IDs
NEWS ANALYSIS: Some services including the public blockchain that’s at the core of crypto-currency and the internet’s “WHOIS” domain name identification function may run afoul of Europe’s data privacy regulations. The Parity ICO Passport Service ...

VivaCell-MTS offers promotion for getting domain registration
Registration of domain names is available in the .AM and .հայ zones. For more information, one can visit, contact 111 free of charge hotline, chat with the mobile operator through “111 Online”, or approach one of our service centers ...

EnCirca offers trademark holders a shortcut to Amazon’s .Bot
Service creates a bot for companies, making them eligible to register .bot domain names. Amazon’s .bot top level domain name has been open for registrations since December, but registering them hasn’t been easy. Amazon has restricted registrations to ...

Global Domain Name System (DNS) Service Market- Get Current Market Trends
Global Domain Name System (DNS) Service Market: Segment Overview The global domain name system (DNS) service market is estimated to register significant CAGR between 2018 and 2024. The report included a detailed competitive scenario and portfolio of ...

WHOIS ready for the GDPR?: Issues clouding the access to the data of domain registrants
WHOIS database service is an online tool that provides access to search relevant information on domain registration and availability ... of malicious cyber activities like registration of domains by the name of well-known brands ahead of the trademark ...

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