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Enough With Blacklisting Online Pharmacies, Isn’t It Time to Consider White Lists?
yet the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, the .Pharmacy Registry Operator, has stonewalled CWP's application for its domain name for well past one year. Using fuzzy, and factually incorrect, ...

National River renaming effort gets new wind
Brian Campbell, the president of WVPRO and part founder of Adventures on the Gorge, said while an effort to rename the area's national lands as a national park initially began in 2004, a recently rene...

Russian national charged with conspiracy to meddle in 2018 midterm elections
A Russian national has become the first person charged by the ... social media advertising, registration of domain names, the purchase of proxy servers, and promoting news postings on social networks. ...

Nigeria’s .ng domain grows by 22% in eight months
The registration of Nigerian domain name, .ng country code top-level domain ... noted that the good synergy between National Information Technology Development Agency and NiRA had greatly contributed ...

Russian charged with conspiracy to interfere in midterms
19 (UPI) --The Justice Department on Friday charged a Russian national for allegedly interfering in ... advertisements on social media, registration of domain names, purchasing proxy servers and promo...

Looking Back at 20 Years of ICANN
Jon Postel proposed the creation of ICANN to the U.S. National Telecommunications ... the Shared Registry System (SRS) was invented, and we could allow registrars to compete and sell domain names in t...

Libyan Domain Registry Shares Its Views On The .ly Hoopla, But Questions Remain
rather than adding more URL shorteners under our National TLD. What the registry fails to clarify here, is whether it intends to deprive owners of short .ly domain names of control over their website ...

US Indicts Another Russian for Role in Info Warfare Campaign
The US authorities have charged another Russian national as part of the ongoing conspiracy ... Expenses she processed included payments to activists, and for social media ads, domain name registration ...

Pirate Bay Founder’s ‘Njalla’ Criticized For Protecting Pirate Sites
“Infringement of rights occurs across national boundaries due to ... Njalla helps to keep the registration details of domain names private by registering domains in its own name (holding company ...

Russian national charged with attempting to interfere in 2018 midterms
The millions of dollars allowed the Russians to buy social media analytic services, secure server space and domain names ... crisis and encouraging voters to register in the 2018 midterm elections.

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