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How to use domain names for marketing
... for something that requires very little investment of your time or money by simply pointing a specific domain name back to your existing website, or redirecting it to your business’s social media page. But if you have more time and/or a larger ...

Dash in Domain Name: Never Use a Hyphenated Domain Name
It’s solid proof that the right keyword rich domain name will out-rank a hyphenated domain name in the search results every time ... use of a keyword rich hyphenated domain name for a website, you’ll end up being out-ranked just about every time ...

Toys R Us IP Sale Reveals Adult Domain Names
This includes the web domain address for the company ... did you know that Nintendo owns the exclusive rights to 2 adult movies? I won’t give you the names (a quick google search will do that for you), but let’s just say that they were adult parodies ...

Global Domain Name System (DNS) Service Market- Get Current Market Trends
This Domain Name System Easy for categorizing, archiving and in turn helping search engines. Growing popularity of DNS ... Breakdown of DNS would crash the world wide web though there are many root servers and backup servers targeting DNS servers at ...

Dissidents risk government intervention in domain names battle
If you have a website, you’ll have dealt with one of the numerous companies that sell domain names to the public ... chair Chris Leptos A.M., who was recruited via a nationwide search process. Leptos, a Professorial Fellow at Monash University’s ...

Cloudflare Terminates Service to Sci-Hub Domain Names
While Sci-Hub is praised by thousands of researchers and academics around the world, copyright holders are doing everything in their power to wipe the site from the web ... search engines. Soon after the order was signed, several of Sci-Hub’s domain ...

GoDaddy gets patent for “Earmarking a short list of favorite domain names or searches”
A user may be unsure whether they want to purchase a domain name, but may not want to lose their research, including the original search parameters used, regarding an available list of search results and/or domain name suggestions. Currently, a customer ...

On Sale Soon at Toys 'R' Us: Geoffrey the Giraffe, Sex-Toys-R-Us Website Domain
which will include its iconic mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe and a large number of Internet domain names apparently bought to ensure no one had them—including and Toys ‘R’ Us bought hundreds of website URLs over the ...

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